“I like the lab because it makes me feel like a real scientist.”
Sam, Grade 2


No matter what program you choose, we understand that if teachers aren’t comfortable applying it, chances are the program won’t flourish. That’s why on-site comprehensive professional development is standard with each LabLearner program.

LabLearner’s Professional Development for teachers includes the same hands-on, interactive and engaging training techniques that have become so revolutionary in the classroom with students. While working with practicing scientists, using the very same equipment, materials and curriculum that will later be applied with their students, teachers can actually live out the old adage: practice makes perfect!

LabLearner teachers are a diverse group. Some have a limited scientific background while others have studied science with more depth. LabLearner Teacher Professional Development is designed to work with teachers of all scientific backgrounds to maximize their success in teaching the LabLearner program, understanding important science concepts and gaining a familiarity with scientific equipment.

jobJob Embedded through Teacher Portal

Teachers: Don’t go unprepared. Our job embedded resources exist solely to assist you in the preparation and performance of your classroom program. Here you can actually access tools, examples, and answers to common questions as you prepare yourself to teach the science program. Some of the available tools/resources are:

  • Vital background knowledge on science concepts and practices
  • Useful Elementary and Middle School informational videos

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questionFull Service Questions Answered by Scientists

One of the truly unique elements of LabLearner support is the ability of teachers to connect with a LabLearner scientist, either by phone or e-mail, to get direct answers to scientific questions and experiments.

This type of one on one job-embedded professional development provides LabLearner teachers the ability to continually develop their understanding of science with access to real scientists like no other program available today!