Properties of Matter

PropertiesofMatterProperties of Matter

Students perform experiments centered on compounds and the elements of which they are made. They discover that scientists can test and describe the chemical and physical properties of compounds and that they use formulas to represent the chemical make-up of compounds. Through experimentation and data collection, students explore the following two areas: the difference between elements and compounds; and how the elemental composition of a compound affects its properties.

Investigation focus:

  • Introduced to elements and compounds and the relationship between them.
  • Learn that pH is a measurement of the acid or base properties of a compound.
  • Study chemical formulas as a way to understand that compounds result from different combinations of elements and that the properties of a compound result from the combination of elements within the compound.
  • Investigate, compare and contrast the physical and chemical properties of elements and compounds, including mass, volume, color, texture, and density.
  • Investigate the pH, solubility and miscibility of various solid and liquid compounds.