Chemical Reactions

ChemicalReactionsChemical Reactions

Provides students the opportunity to investigate chemical reactions and the principles that govern the consumption of reactants, the production of products, and the dependence of reaction rate on reactant concentration. Through experimentation and data collection, students will address areas such as: the relationship between the amount of reactants and the amount of products in a chemical reaction; do the amounts of the reactants affect the amounts of products produced in a chemical reaction; how the Law of Conservation of Matter relates to chemical reactions; and in a chemical reaction, the relationship among the reactants, the products and the rate of the reaction.

Investigation focus:

  • Realize that chemical formulas represent chemical compounds.
  • Realize that chemical equations represent and describe chemical reactions.
  • Investigate the relationship between reactants.
  • Investigate the relationship between reactants and products.
  • Demonstrate that the consumption of reactants results in the production of products.
  • Manipulate the amounts of reactants and observe the effect on the amounts of products produced.
  • Manipulate the amounts of a reactant and observe the effect on the reaction rate.
  • Demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Matter.