Parent Resources

“The LabLearner makes me feel smart. I love to get into my group and discuss the lab.”
Francis, Grade 7

Dear Parent,

Welcome to LabLearner! LabLearner is a hands-on approach to learning science. Simply put, LabLearner is teaching science by doing science. LabLearner has developed into its current form in classrooms across the country over the past dozen years. Practicing scientists working alongside educators designed LabLearner, incorporating research about how children learn science. Over the next several years, your child will become immersed in the process of science; thinking the way scientists think and doing experiments the way scientists would. Every experiment your child performs will lead to the discovery of a science concept. Kids find it’s easy to learn science when they’re working with real science equipment and investigating interesting questions. The leader in this discovery process is your child’s teacher, a LabLearner Teacher. LabLearner Teachers receive special on-site, comprehensive teacher professional development to learn how to use scientific equipment and facilitate the inquiry process for students. Your child’s teacher may have even received graduate-level university credits for online LabLearner courses or for participating in LabLearner Summer Institutes.

Below you will find resources for grade K-8 CELLs within the LabLearner program.

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