Lab Set-Up

The LabLearner lab includes all furniture, science equipment and storage necessary to run your program. The in-school laboratory complete with research grade science equipment and supplies are installed by our highly knowledgeable LabLearner staff.

researchResearch Grade Equipment

Why is it so crucial to provide young students with research grade equipment?

  • Science is not only a body of knowledge, but also a skill-set. It is critical that students become well-versed in the established tools of science, in addition to understanding concepts.
  • If a child is well-versed with University grade equipment now, their development will be more seamless as they progress in their comprehension, no matter where in the world they study!
  • Preparation and Education: Acclimating students to not only university level materials, but university level concepts and skills optimally establishes them to build upon their knowledge toward high school, college or beyond!

technicalTechnical Support

We understand the inevitability of questions and quirks with your program. Whether it’s the materials, the curriculum, or the equipment, we’re here to help. We offer technical support to aid you with your program and to provide any information necessary to best teach your students and show them the value of science.

Lab Installation

We don’t just set up your laboratory space, we carefully ensure that you have what you need to teach. Every LabLearner lab contains hundreds of different supplies, materials and equipment selected for its quality and application to the LabLearner curriculum. Items encountered in the curriculum are provided in the lab and everything in the lab is neatly organized and easy to find – in the exact numbers/amounts needed. This is a luxury for busy teachers and eliminates the hassle of scrambling around before class to come up with supplies.

storeOn-line store (for ordering)

Although most of our equipment is sustainable, the need to replenish consumable items will come. Our online store streamlines this process. Easily replenish or replace your LabLearner lab equipment with the consumables you need. The on-line store is available to registered LabLearner Schools.