The LabLearnerPLUS+ Student Portal is Live!

What's New with LabLearnerPLUS+

We have added many significant and exciting upgrades to the LabLearner program, including an all new student portal with LabLearnerPLUS+.

The list below includes just some of the features students will find when they
enter their new Student Portal. Learn more about LabLearnerPLUS+ here.

Student Upgrades

Online Access To:
  • Remote Learning Accommodations
  • Concept Day Presentations and Notes
  • All Elementary and Middle School PreLab Videos
  • Extensive and Richly Illustrated CELL Background Content
  • Mathematics Concepts
  • Class Projections
  • CELL Summaries
  • Parent Newsletters
  • Complete Metrics Review and Practice
  • Embedded Procedural Toolbox for Each Investigation
  • Embedded Cognitive Toolbox for Each Investigation
  • Relevant/Related Websites and Resources
  • Weekly Science In the News Updates
  • Preschool and Primary Cognitive Workouts
  • Intermediate Cognitive Workouts
  • At Home LabLearner Discussions
  • COVID-Related Health and Hygiene Suggestions
  • CELL-Level Accent on STEM Careers
  • Digital Online Lab Protocols for Middle School

is an annual membership extended to LabLearner schools. LabLearnerPLUS+ pricing ($2,500/year) includes full access to both teacher and student portals. You will receive both teacher and student codes upon enrollment, which your school will use to log into LabLearnerPLUS+.You will receive a reminder to renew your LabLearnerPLUS+ membership annually.