LabLearner Science/STEM LAB Comes to Homeschool Co-ops!

Schola Scientiae LLC provides the LabLearner PreK-8 STEM LAB Science system. The program has been successfully used in schools throughout the country for almost 20 years. Now a new grades K-6 version of LabLearner is available for homeschool!

The LabLearner curriculum spirals science concepts with the integration of math and language arts.  Students perform hands-on experiments that promote their understanding of concepts by thinking, learning, and memory practices that enhance their critical thinking and executive functions skills. A series of Core Experience Learning Labs (CELLS) follow a concept through a procedure of PreLab, Lab, and PostLab lessons. PreLab and PostLab lessons can be performed anywhere.

The Lab lessons are performed in a setting where students can access LabLearner scientific supplies and equipment. The laboratory is a compact system (shown below) that stores all of the materials and metric equipment required for a full seven years of rigorous weekly experiments that are an integral part of the entire LabLearner curriculum.

LabLearner is tightly aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and addresses a whole range of Mathematics and Language Arts standards and competencies. See the Academic Standards link below.


LabLearner K-6 Curriculum

Students follow a grade-level matrix that spirals fundamental science concepts upward through a series of hands-on experiments and online learning. Students recall previous knowledge as concept complexity progresses throughout the K-6 years. All modules, called CELLS (Core Experience Learning Labs), integrate science, math, and language arts.  Students develop important skill sets in critical thinking, mastery of authentic science equipment, and a complete and working knowledge of the metric system.

Fundamental Science concepts are embedded in a spiraling format as students move left to right through the K-6 Matrix (above). LabLearner Core Concepts include:

      • Systems and System Models
      • Energy and Matter
      • Stability and Change
      • Scale, Proportions, and Quantity
      • Patterns, Cause, and Effect
      • Structure and Function


Our new LabLearnerPLUS+ teacher and student portals bring the LabLearner experience right to the smartphone, tablet, and home computer.

LabLearnerPLUS+ revolutionizes the already revolutionary LabLearner system of science and STEM education. It changes the fundamental science and STEM landscape for teachers, students, and their families. Below, we highlight just some of the many advantages of this new LabLearner subscription service:

  • Vital background knowledge of science concepts and practices
  • Useful Elementary and Middle School informational videos
  • Step-by-step Procedural Toolboxes explain and demonstrate every piece of equipment, technique, and data analysis used throughout the entire curriculum.
  • Cognitive Toolboxes that provide embedded metacognitive strategies for teachers and students
  • Embedded teacher training.
  • Much, much, much more!

LabLearnerPLUS+ is available for an affordable annual subscription basis, including the entire curriculum, assessments, and a range of enhancements. LabLearnerPLUS+ is included in the first year of program implementation.


Understanding Why STEM-Infused Instruction Works

Dr. Keith Verner

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 LabLearner Homeschool Highlights


-Each CELL has 4-6 Investigations.

-Each CELL takes approximately six weeks to complete.

-Lab lessons can accommodate groups of up to 5 or 6 students

-Online Teacher Portal with every lesson with profuse, highly instructional graphics, slide presentations, and hundreds of instructional videos.

-Online Student Portal provides students with all background information and graphics.

-Complete Student Data Records (SDRs) notebooks for recording and analyzing data.

-All assessments are online and automatically graded and analyzed.


Lab space can be in any communal area designated by the homeschool community. The program comes with two locked cabinets filled with authentic scientific equipment and supplies. A human size skeleton and cart are placed outside the cabinets. Under responsible supervision, LabLearner equipment and supplies sustain year-to-year usage and yearly replenishment is minimal and available directly from the online LabLearner store.