Encouraging Deeper Learning through STEM

“The LabLearner curriculum integrates all the subjects of STEM, and includes a career path exploration to peak students’ interest in STEM careers.”
Maria Gomez, Principal

LabLearner is a comprehensive, research-based STEM system that includes lab set-up, curriculum, and teacher training.

  • Students work collaboratively in an inquiry-based environment to develop their creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Performance-based assessments, as well as written and oral discussions, measure student learning throughout all grade levels.
  • The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on hands-on learning and real-world applications of science concepts.
  • Teachers and students experience ongoing relationships with practicing LabLearner STEM staff.

“We encourage all school systems to explore LabLearner’s dynamic comprehensive program.”
Tiffany Ehmig, STEM Coordinator

“Students need to know how their learning is relevant; why it matters. For each CELL students work through, they develop a list of possible STEM careers that use the concepts they are learning about in lab.”
Sarah Paquette, Middle School Teacher