“I’ve been a middle school science teacher for 26 years and I find Lablearner to be complete enough for the novice teacher and comprehensive enough for the veteran, it is literally everything you need.”
Sue Brunner – Middle School Science Teacher – St. Joseph (Downingtown)

It is not often that a single gift can touch the lives of so many children. A gift of a LabLearner lab to a school directly impacts every student in the school, from preschool through eighth grade. Year after year. LabLearner instills not only crucial scientific principles in its students, but also a genuine love of science; a love that they apply in life no matter their vocation or career.

LabLearner is a perfect gift for schools. Once in place, the LabLearner program has only a low annual cost to replenish materials needed to sustain the program. Thus, a gift of a LabLearner program does not “strap” schools to a major ongoing financial commitment.

Many of the LabLearner programs currently in use across the United States began by the seed planted by individual donors. Whether by small donations from parents, grandparents, or local small businesses, or through major donations from large organizations such as The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the American Cancer Society, or leading citizens of the community, tangible seeds are sown in both cases.

Why LabLearner is a Perfect Gift

Naturally, any donor wants to know that their gift goes toward something solid and lasting. Something that works. Something that will endure and be deeply meaningful for years and years to come. This is precisely why LabLearner is the perfect gift.

  • LabLearner represents an intuitive plan for helping a school grow – LabLearner is a cross-curricular program that not only represents the best in hands-on science instruction, but has a major impact on reading, writing, communication, mathematics, and problem-solving. It systematically improves students’ critical thinking skills, which helps in every other area of their lives. Thus, LabLearner helps both organize the PreK-8 educational experience and transforms the entire educational culture to one of deeper and more insightful thinking.
  • LabLearner has measured outcomes within a defined timeline – LabLearner works and it works immediately. By the end of the very first year of LabLearner, all previous science education in the school will be referred to as “the old way of learning science.” LabLearner comes with a full complement of assessments to demonstrate student gains. Thus, it is not surprising that many LabLearner schools have received positive affirmation within a very short period of time of its implementation. For example, it is not uncommon for schools who have adopted LabLearner to win recognition as a National Blue Ribbon school within a couple years of starting LabLearner.
  • LabLearner improves people’s lives – Pre- and Post-tests demonstrate, on an individual basis, the exact increase in student achievement. Parents report obvious improvements in their student’s interest in science that extends well beyond the LabLearner lab. Some parents, for example, have reported that it is difficult to keep their students at home on LabLearner lab days, even if they are sick! In addition, LabLearner’s ongoing teacher professional development can “transform” the way teachers themselves view teaching science. They are often invigorated and energized as they become expert science educators in their very own classrooms.

Plant a Seed Now!

Good seeds grow into healthy plants, and plants perform the single most useful chemical reaction on planet Earth, photosynthesis (below). Each plant takes the waste product of animal respiration, carbon dioxide, adds water and produces the carbohydrate glucose, (sugar) and the essential gas oxygen. Through this important reaction, all life on Earth thrives. However, for photosynthesis to occur, light must also be provided. A simple experiment of placing a dark bag over a plant will immediately shut down photosynthesis and no further growth will occur – no more sugar, no more oxygen.Photosynthesis

In a sense, LabLearner catalyzes an important reaction as well. It helps transform students and teachers from an attitude where science is a dreaded, irrelevant and boring subject, to one that sees science lovers, deep thinkers and smart citizens. Donors can provide the light to make this happen!