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Hello! Thank you for asking for information about Exploration21.

Exploration21 is Cognitive Learning Systems, Inc. (parent company of LabLearnerTM) ninth grade curriculum. It melds the “physics first” concept with the introduction of basic high school chemistry and biology. This approach is entirely consistent with the Next Generation Science Standards. Whats more, Exploration21 is 100% hands-on and digital.

On this non-public introductory site, you will find three resources to help you decide if Exploration21 is right for your school. However, we hope that after reviewing this material, we can talk in greater detail about the unique circumstances at your school.

Get Familiar with Exploration21

Begin by viewing the video below for an overview of the program:

Next, take a closer look at the online component of one 7-day sequence in the curriculum. This particular sequence is in the Concussion part of the curriculum, at approximately mid-year. Open the test-drive site by clicking here.

Finally, you may wish to review the overview of science concepts covered in Exploration21. Remember that these concepts are embedded in a 100% digital and hands-on curriculum in which students are in lab 3 of each 7 school days. To download a PDF of the Concept Overview, simply click here.